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For today’s interview I am really pleased to welcome K from Fog and Swell. I came across her blog last year and have since looked forward to every new post introducing me to a beautifully detailed stitched creature or a breathtaking series of photos from the environs around her home on the Pacific North West Coast.

 In K’s own words:
just me and my man, living on the east side of Vancouver Island below
snow-capped peaks and with the strait stretching out before us…except we
actually can’t see either from our house! We like to get out
snowboarding, paddling, biking, hiking, foraging and generally taking
advantage of our west coast island. But we also like to be homebodies – a
lot of my stitching is done while watching TV and movies. I dream about
someday living off the grid on a remote corner of the BC coast.
Is sewing a hobby you have had since you were young or has it been something you have come to as an adult? 
have sewed and knitted and pursued other crafty activities since I was a
kid. My mom is very creative and used to make clothing and costumes for
my sisters and I when we were younger, and taught me the basics and I
just continued from there.  
your paid job or educational background creative?
am a graphic designer, so there is some creativity there. I have some
education in design and photography, although I also have a bachelor’s
degree in anthropology, so I have deviated a bit from my original plans.
And it could certainly change again – I still haven’t decided what I
want to be when I ‘grow up’. 
What types of projects do you enjoy creating the most?
really like making the obscure creatures that a lot of people have
never even heard of – nudibranchs, weird jellyfish, a mermaid’s purse. I
like to learn about the real animal in the process, and I usually get a
greater appreciation for the wonders of nature. Often I am inspired to
make them on my own and hope others will find them as cool as I do, but
other times someone will approach me with an odd request (a recent one
was a geoduck) and I’m generally thrilled at the challenge.
What are your favourite sewing tools and materials? 
am pretty basic with my tools. While I use a sewing machine for
certain projects or pieces, my main tools are needle and thread. Combine
that with some natural fabrics – even better if they are natural dyed –
and I’m pretty happy.
Name your top five sewing inspirations.

The incredible craftsmanship and resourcefulness in traditional
Japanese boro blows me away – Sri Threads is a great resource for info
and pictures of these amazing artifacts.
– Regina of everyeskimo does such delicate stitching and gives such gentle personalities to her little soft creatures.
Kathryn Clark’s Foreclosure series of quilts
– Jude Hill of Spiritcloth
How do you balance your sewing and blogging with your ‘real life’ eg. Paid work, family?
I’m not sure that is the right word. 🙂 My life feels pretty full with
my day job and my side pursuits, plus the ‘things’ of everyday life
(laundry, etc). But I do still try and find time for fun away from my
crafty pursuits – I like a lot of outdoor sports, exploring and
travelling, or just getting out for a good walk and some fresh air. I
think a little nature therapy makes a huge difference in clearing your
head and making the rest of the schedule seem less daunting.
  Apart from sewing, what other creative pursuits do you enjoy?
I love knitting, experimenting in the kitchen, drawing, and probably above all, photography.
 Thanks so much K!  If you would like to read more about K and her creativity (or like me you would like to own one of those divine creatures for yourself) you can find her here:
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  1. I really enjoyed reading about K as I have with your previous interviews. Thanks Ros for introducing us to another fantastic crafty lady:)

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