Real Men Crochet

We have a little secret in this house… my hubby Trev is pretty crafty too. He loves Aussie Rules Football, cricket, going to the gym, he works in a very male dominated career, and he crochets!

The story goes that when he was a kid, he went to a tiny country primary school that had only eighteen students. Arts and crafts were taught by local parents who volunteered their time. He was a smart mouthed little boy, and when choosing his art and craft subject from a list, he chose crocheting last after chocolate making, basket weaving and egg decorating (it was the 80s!). He claims the teacher ‘hated him’ and placed him in the crochet group as punishment. To get back at his teacher, he resolved to get REALLY good at it.

So for many years, he made beautiful blankets for family and friends. He gave it up when he got to high school, but in the last year he has picked it up again, and he finds it relaxing to crochet while sitting in front of the TV.

One of his colleagues has just gone on maternity leave, and he made this for her and the baby girl she is expecting.

If you hang out with me on Facebook you will have seen me moaning about stitching on the sating binding on this blanket. It came out OK in the end I think!

Really should have ironed that fabric in the background đŸ™‚ No styling points for me on this post! I was hurrying to take the pictures before I gift wrapped the blanket!

Here is another blanket Trev made my sister Kirsten for Christmas last year. It is made in Geelong Football Club colours and is huge – about single bed size. It took him about six months to make.

So I guess my husband’s secret is out! But he did give me permission to write this post – he is confident that none of his colleagues read my blog!

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23 thoughts on “Real Men Crochet

  1. Haha! That's such a great post! My hubby bakes. I guess it's not the same, but it's something he does that is usually done by a woman! Your husband did a great job on those blankets!

  2. This blanket is just drop dead gorgeous! Just a thing a guy would do – a woman would for sure go for granny square or lacy stuff :))
    And that satin binding just sets it off perfectly! Did you stitch it by hand? (I'm not on Facebook, you see)

    1. Hi Anna! I began stitching it by hand but found it really awkward, so I used a small zig zag stitch on the machine. I had to stop and seam rip a couple of times when the stitch didn't pick up the binding on the back of the blanket, but I got there in the end!

  3. love the sweet baby blanket…how cool your hubby is cool!! I too have a little man in my life who loves to crochet…in fact some times we have to drag him out of bed as he is busy there loving the process…!

  4. That's a fantastic baby blanket! Can't see me ever persuading my husband to take up crochet, but it's good to know that some men are comfortable with it!

  5. You are not really kidding, are you? Well this is pretty cool…I know my husband would be horrified but I wish he could crochet too. The blankets are lovely!

  6. That's awesome! My husband did a little cross-stitching in his younger days and has shown me the proof. He can do a little hand sewing, too. He has since taken up woodworking and leaves the crafting to me, but he not afraid of a little "girl" stuff. (visiting from TT&J)

  7. Ha!!! Just found this one about Trev. None of his colleagues might be on here, but one of his friends is!!!! Nice work Trev xx

  8. Ha…I love that he excelled to get back at the teacher…craft revenge. I would love to see a shot of him crocheting in front of the AFL on TV. I would love to get back into crocheting but I am too tense to be consistent.

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