Peggy Skirt Round Up

After the popularity of the Peggy Skirt tutorial, quite a few people
said they’d love to make it but they wanted to make another size. I
decided I would spend some time working out a range of sizes, and now I
have come up with the measurements for girls sizes 1-7.

The pattern is now in my shop, but before I released it, I put the call out for some pattern testers to give it a go and test whether the sizes were right. I gave measurements for babies through to women’s sizes.

 Clockwise from top left: green skirt made by Alyssa from Hems To Dolls
the original made by me, black & white skirt made by Rachael from Imagine Gnats
heart print & purple skirt made by Bella from Nisabell Necessary.
In a perfect world I would sit here and type about how brilliant it was and how every skirt turned out perfectly. But that would be a big fat lie. The kids sizes were great and all of them tested well and the sizing was right. The women’s sizes were not so good. The women’s skirts needed a different style of waist and a more a-line shape. So I decided to ditch those sizes, and just stick with the children’s measurements.
Thanks so much to my pattern testers Alyssa, Rachael, Meig, Brandi, Bella, Megan and Molly and also to Pam from Threading My Way, a former teacher like me, who proof read my pattern and returned it with corrections in red! Haha I loved it!
If you would like the pattern, you can get it here, and if you really want to make life easy, I have put together some kits, with the pattern, fabric cut to size, thread and notions in denim and red, denim and pink, and denim and multi colour spots with yellow notions. All you have to do is sew it together – a great project for a beginner sewist.
Now to go and sew up some selvedge…it should be a fun experiment. Pics coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Peggy Skirt Round Up

  1. Once a teacher, always a teacher… LOL!!! Congrats on your first pattern for sale. It's going to sell well!!! The listings look great on Etsy!!!

  2. I love this skirt so much.. it's been on my list of projects to get too for ages.. I'm making one for me, not a little girl.. but I'm a very short, very skinny grown up, which means pattern sizes never fit and I'm used to figuring out sizes etc for myself.. if I ever get it finished, I'll let you know how it goes!

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