Golden Books

Thrifting has been disappointing this week. I came home empty handed every time. But that is the game, isn’t it? I did have one little find for the grand sum of 10c, and it was a lovely old Golden Book. I adore them and look for them every time I’m in an op-shop. I loved them as a kid (until I graduated to every book ever written by Enid Blyton!)

Here are a few from our collection, all from the oppy or they were originally mine.

My special favourites are the ones by Richard Scarry (you may remember how I used one to decorate Lucy’s room in this post) and any with the lovely vintage pictures of farm animals and rabbits. The counting book is the one I bought this week for 10c.

I love it when I buy one and I open it to find its former owner’s name written on the book plate that is inside the cover of every Golden Book.

Whoever you are Katie Bull, your book is now being loved in its new home here with Anna & Lucy.

Did you love Golden Books? Do you still? What are your favourites?

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8 thoughts on “Golden Books

  1. Such sweet little Golden Books.
    I've found a few from my childhood.
    One of my fav's was Goodbye Tonsils, but I'm yet to find it. I'll just have to keep looking until I do. x

  2. I loooove Golden Books. I have My first Counting Book and the Just for Fun one! My favourites are the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Where Did the Baby Go & We Like Kindergarten. Such fantastic illustrations. Those books are timeless 🙂

  3. Yes, I loved them as a kid and Mum would buy us one when we went food shopping. I have come across LOTS on my travels but I don't normally buy them. I bet one day I will start collecting them and I won't be able to find any. Sherry 🙂

  4. Beautiful books. I love Golden Books. I love when you open a book (any old oppie book) and find the owner's name, and sometimes address, written with a fountain pen. Gorgeous.

  5. i adored golden books. but i have to confess i've hacked into a few to use their gorgeous pictures for art projects. i always look out for them to at any op shops.
    looks like you have a lovely collection. i kept all my golden books too from when i was little( and didn't cut them up either).
    my favourite one was about a little girl who went to kindergarten. i remember the black cover but can't remember the title.
    happy thrifting- hope you find even more treasures next time you venture out!
    – lisa

  6. My kids had two of these – the counting book and Richard Scarry – and I still have them packed away – Golden books are the best!

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