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Anna has been really getting into imaginary play and her current favourite game is ‘shops’. We have traded many things including tan bark, flowers, socks, but I thought she might like to trade with something a little more realistic!

We like to pretend to buy (or sell depending on who is playing which role – shopkeeper or shopper) and lately the smaller items from the pantry have been the items of choice. I got a free download of Mollie Makes Magazine Issue 5 on my iphone and it had a great and very easy wallet tutorial, so I made Anna a little wallet so she can pay for her shopping items with money.

I only needed a really small amount of fabric and I got all of it from my scrap bag. You can see the exterior in the above picture, and here is the interior:

 The wallet is a great size for some cash and a few cards, and I think I might make a couple for myself for times I need something smaller than my everyday wallet.

Here it is with some cash and cards – for Anna I use monopoly money but for this pic I put in the real thing!

It fastens with a simple button and elastic loop but you could get really creative with this simple design and customize it in many different ways.

Cute huh? Great for kiddies and mamas alike!

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18 thoughts on “Play Wallet

  1. Just as well Anna doesn't know the value of money, or you would have lost at least $30… LOL!!! She'll love playing with it. The wallet looks fabulous! It's a great size for an adult when you're going out at night. Thanks for sharing the link. I'm going to have a look.

  2. It looks great! Stop posting more cool stuff to add to my to-do list!!! LOL … I'll be stuck at my machine until Hannah graduates from Uni at this rate! 😀

  3. So cute! What a fun addition to play shopping.:) I agree, I think a grown up version would be perfect for needed occasions too.:)

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