Mum’s Birthday Ruffle Cake

Have you seen all the amazing cakes over on Pinterest? I have been inspired by them lately – you can see my collection of inspiration on my pinterest cake board. I love dabbling in a bit of cake decorating, as you may have seen from my Butterfly cake and my Diamond Anniversary cupcakes and I have seen a few fantastic ruffle cakes made by other bloggers and they have all commented on how easy it is. So armed with some tutorials found on Pinterest and trust in others that it really is easy, I made a ruffle cake for my Mum’s birthday last Friday. Here is how it turned out:

Excellent huh? Not quite as neat as some of the other pictures I’d seen but I had to decorate it in a hurry because Mum had rung to say she was on her way over!

To get the ruffle effect, I used one quantity of buttercream icing which I made a lot thinner using extra water and then I tinted it lilac using a purple gel colouring. If you don’t want to make your icing I think the Betty Crocker pre-made stuff will work well too – if it is a warm day just pop the cake in the fridge as soon as you have finished decorating.

I then used a piping bag and a petal tip (I used a Wilton 104 tip) and I followed the instructions on this video tutorial.

The cake was a hit and I was really pleased with how it looked. The top seemed a bit plain so I scattered over some silver cachous, but if I had more time I would have written a birthday message on it.

I will definitely use this ruffle method again and I recommend it!

20 thoughts on “Mum’s Birthday Ruffle Cake

  1. What a gorgeous cake! WOW!! I thought it was fabric ruffles when I saw the thumbnail picture of it on The Creative Girls blog. You did an amazing job. It looks very intense. I'll have to have a look at the tutorial. Thanks for the link. I know your mom must have felt very special with a cake like that. 🙂

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