Home Made Paint

Last Sunday was a grey and rainy day here in Melbourne. Anna was bored so I had to get creative with some indoor activities!

Pinterest to the rescue – just the night before I found this excellent recipe for home made finger paints. I won’t give it to you here because the recipe belongs to Easie Peasie, but you should pop over there and book mark it, pin it, or however you want to save it – you will love it and you will most likely have everything you need already in your pantry. I even used her idea to package them in baby food jars – it looks pretty and I had heaps of jars in the cupboard. 

Making the paint only took about five minutes – too easy! Also, knowing the exact ingredients of the paint is good too, you know toddlers, they love to taste test everything!

I grabbed some paper plates, plastic cookie cutters and a roll of brown paper and we made some prints.

Even our dog wanted to get involved!
A little bit of paint ended up on the floor and the table but it wiped clean and there was no staining. It didn’t take long before Anna decided that the paint needed to be mixed and that hand prints were much more fun – no photos of that though because I feared for the camera’s safety!

If you need any other rainy day activities, don’t forget to check out my No Cook Play Dough recipe!

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  1. Oooh! I'll have to keep this one up my sleeve for future reference! It won't be long until Hannah discovers the joys of covering herself from head to toe in paint 😀

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