How d’ya like them apples?

This week I participated in the Libby Top Sew Along over at Craftiness Is Not Optional. I have made a few things from this blog and I find the tutorials really easy to follow and great for a person who is fairly new to sewing (admission – I’ve only been sewing for about 6 months). So thank you to the creative and talented Jess, the creative force behind CINO!

So here it is – my version of the Libby Top.

I went for a pretty simple red polka dot fabric with white cotton for the bib, but to make it stand out a little, what better than a novelty button? Anna and I went shopping together, and she chose some green apples – I must say, an excellent choice.
A lot of skills in sewing are new to me so every project is a challenge. My biggest challenges here were:
1. Making the bias binding – I had great success (using this tute) and felt very smug about the whole thing! 🙂
2. Making a sleeve pattern – the sleeves came out a bit flared but I actually think it gives the shirt a bit of a retro shape, so a bit of a happy accident there. I definitely need more practice at sleeve making.
3. On the hanger it came together well but once Anna was wearing it a little gap in the bodice was obvious. If it was any bigger I’d unpick and resew it, but who can be bothered? It looks OK! And she loves it.
The modelling session didn’t last long – there were much more interesting things to do – 

Like making silly faces.

And running around the yard like a maniac. Good times!

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