Blog Beginnings

And so it begins. The really interesting thing will be to see if I commit to this and keep posting. My increasing obsession with sewing shows no sign of diminishing so I plan to keep this blog as a record of my projects. 

Very few of my friends sew. Or show any interest in it. Therefore I am hoping my blog will make me some online friends who will bolster my ego by telling me how much they love what I make!

Here we go with my current project. The weather is hinting that it may take a turn for the better (bring it on, I am desperate for some sun) so it’s time to make Anna some summer pajamas. Here’s the progress so far:

I traced around a pair of trousers to create a simple pattern for the shorts. We had some warm nights last week so they have already had their first wear! For the top I picked up a cheap white tee at Target and made a simple whale applique from a matching fabric scrap. The fabric I’ve used is Dots from Animal Alphabet by Cheri Strole for Moda. All I have to do now is stitch around the whale, add a button for its eye, and its ready to pop in the pj drawer. Easy and cute!

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